HOORSENBUHS [pronounced horse-en-boo] is an American fine jewelry house and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles. Since launching just over a decade ago, the company—known for its meticulously handcrafted rings, cuffs and Open-link chains—has become a quiet force in the luxury fashion world and beyond. Founder and Creative Chief Robert Keith, a former photographer, established HOORSENBUHS in 2005 with one special piece: a gold tri-link ring he created himself, despite having no formal background in jewelry design. Drawing inspiration from ‘70s-era jewelry—substantive gold heirloom pieces meant to be passed on from generation to generation—the tri-link motif is now Hoorsenbuhs’ signature emblem, symbolizing strength, quality and continuous opulence. It can be found woven throughout each design, from weighty rose gold cuffs and 18K gold engagement rings, to platinum pavé chains and sterling silver padlocks.
Keith and longtime friend Kether Parker, Hoorsenbuhs’ Brand Director, opened the company’s first private atelier in Santa Monica. The discreet by-appointment-only studio  amassed a loyal clientele of discriminating tastemakers, entertainers, musicians, artists and designers. In late 2016, Hoorsenbuhs unveiled its first open-to-the-public gallery on Broome Street in New York City and in 2018 they took up residence at 2217 Main St. in Santa Monica, housing its Flagship retail store as well as its current atelier and headquarters. Every aspect of the space- from the sultry lighting to the tri-link emblazoned bolt heads scattered throughout—was designed and conceptualized entirely by Keith. The studio showcases Hoorsenbuhs’ jewelry like pieces of fine art, and also houses an exclusive collection of apparel, goods, leatherware and made-to-order furniture. Hoorsenbuhs (which takes its name from the 16th-Century Dutch merchant ship sailed by Keith’s ancestors) is carried at Bergdorf Goodman, Hirshleifers and a select number of high-end boutiques around the world. In response to an increased demand overseas, the company is additionally expanding to the Asian market, with a strong presence in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.
Artist Damien Hirst is among the brand’s most notable collaborators. The Cathedral Collection of pill-shaped jewelry that Keith designed—a bejeweled medicine capsule cocktail ring and a diamond-encrusted rosary—was released to great acclaim in a limited edition run of 25. The highly sought-after pieces further distinguished Hoorsenbuhs as a subversive-yet-timeless lifestyle company, garnering editorial placement in magazines around the world.  
With Hoorsenbuhs, Keith and Parker set out to create the next great American heritage brand—a company that transcends trends in lieu of classic craftsmanship. They see each piece as modern heirloom, made by hand in Los Angeles California and designed to stand the test of time.